Closing in on $200,000

You would have to be on a desert island, not to have the massive changes taking place in our world, affect you in some way.  The CCHS and fundraising committee are very conscious of how the pandemic has affected everyone.  For this reason, we decided to temporarily pause fundraising events and active solicitations, while everyone focuses on keeping their family safe.

The good news is that we were within a rock’s throw of hitting $200,000 and were on schedule to hit the half way mark by our one year anniversary.  The bad news is that the clock will keep ticking. Meaning that while we will be hitting the pause button for fundraising, we will not receive any additional time to raise the money. For anyone who is wanting to or is able to donate to the drive, give me a call.  We have a beautiful new brochure which can be mailed to you. Remote tours are available via Zoom.  In person tours will be available on June 1 for one or two people IF social distancing is observed.

The changes caused by the coronavirurs have affected us as well.  It goes without saying that Springtime on the Farm was postponed, with hopes of have a Fall Harvest Festival instead.  Only time will tell if a fall event occurs, but we can hope.

The middle 1914 dairy barn will be completing the stabilization process within a week or two.  If you are interested in visiting the building you can email me at  The barn will be our interpretive/education center.  The upper level can be used for a variety of events including weddings, programing, farmer’s markets or even craft shows.  The lower level will be used as a welcoming center with classroom space.  Stay tuned, of the building will be coming soon.

Miller Dunwiddie has begun working on construction drawings for the remaining three buildings.  Plans are to have the drawings done by the end of the year.  As you can expect, with businesses shut down, it will probably take longer than a year to complete.

It has taken 160 to build the farm.  It is still here and will be here in another 160 years.  We are just taking a short silent pause.

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