The signed contract for the Legacy money was received last week.  One more step toward the start of the restoration work for the north barn.  This week the contractors; Hansen HomeTech, Creature Works, Historic Structural supervisor Todd Grover and the CCHS Executive Director Wendy Petersen Biorn will attend a phone conference with the State Historic Preservation Office,  (SHPO).  In this conference, we discuss the overall plan, and the five project Milestones that need to be met, as the project progresses.

March 7th through the 11th, volunteers will arrive on the farm to start the clean up around the north barn.  If you are interested in helping clean things up, contact Heidi Gould at the CCHS.  952-442-4234

The U of M has at least three classes working on projects in association with the farm.  The classes are part of Carver County’s Resilient Communities Project. The projects being worked on by the U of M include:

Joseph Pnewski who is working on a base line archaeology project for his Masters degree.  He is planning on running an archaeological field school at the Peterson Farm from May 23rd through June 10th. It is likely that he will be only there for the first two weeks (May 23rd through June 3rd) and on a different location for the final week, but he wanted to give us a full range of dates just in case things change.

A U of M class that is working toward updating the Andrew Peterson National Register Nomination.

A landscape architecture class that is looking at either finding the best place for the parking lot and/or access via Parley Lake Road or designing way finding signs for the property.


A Scandinavian class that will look at how to draw more tourism to the site.

In addition to the U of M classes, the Preservation Alliance of Minnesota, (PAM), will be holding public historic preservation classes at the farm.  Their classes focus on teaching people how to preserve plaster and windows in old houses.

The list continues to grow.  It is with great excitement that we look forward to the coming months.




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