The shingles have been installed, a Structure Report update and Walpurgis Night!

The north barn has its shingles!  See the photo below.  This is one step closer to having the barn completed.  What is left is: the windows to be installed, the building painted, and another layer of wood flooring to be installed. Then, we are finally done, and can move onto the other buildings.  Did I tell you that we found extra original panes of glass in the granary, which were used in the barn windows.

The Historic Structure Report is still being compiled by MacDonald & Mack.  It should be done in June.  What we have learned so far, is that the house is made of a  log building core.  We have also learned that the original color of the house was grey.  There was white wash below the grey and around the window frames, but the white wash would have been use for a temporary color.  We are still planning to restore the buildings to 1885 when it was photographed, which means grey.  The two porches (now enclosed) will be opened up to mirror the photos of 1885.  A post from the original south porch, was found in one of the barns.  The accent color appears to be red, but MacDonald & Mack is still working to define the color.

In Sweden, Walpurgis Night, traditionally on April 30th, marks the official end of winter.  The day is also the traditional day to remove winter debris and ready properties for new plant growth, and the summer.  Traditionally, the day is marked by an evening of bonfires and music.

We could use your help on Saturday April 1st, as we follow some of the Walpurgis Night tradition.

This Saturday, April 1st, between 10 am and 1 pm, we are inviting everyone to help us ready the Peterson farm for summer events.  We will be picking up branches, twigs, and cleaning up the flower gardens in preparation for summer events, and planting.  Please bring, garden gloves, rakes, or other gardening tools.


The North Barn finally with a new roof!  Thank you Minnesota Legacy grant!  See below for what we started with.

North barn2

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