Carver County Historical Society

Adult Education Programs

The Carver County Historical Society is proud to offer a variety of educational programs for adults. Through the use of artifacts, maps, historical photos, and other primary sources, adults can learn how national events affected local history. All of our programs offer a hands-on learning experience for adults.


Find the programs in our calendar and use the Register link, or call us at (952) 442-4234.

Upcoming Programs

All adult special programming free of charge unless otherwise noted.


In partnership with the Carver County Libraries:

Carver County Historical Society History Club

Coming Soon!

Regular Program Topics

All regular program options are available at the museum or offsite. Offsite programming is $25/program, with a discount offered for multiple programs offered on the same day. Mileage applies to locations outside Carver County.

Program topics available include (but are not limited to):

  • General Carver County history
  • Ghost Towns
  • Carver County and Minnesota in the Civil War
  • Cyclone! Waconia History
  • Coney Island of the West
  • Stiftungsfest
  • History of Cookbooks
  • Extraordinary Sacrifices
  • Carver County Heritage Series: Deustch, Svensk, Native American
  • Rosie the Riveter and Women in WWII
  • Historic Farmsteads and Preservation
  • Parades, Polio and Peaceniks: A History of the Carver County Fair
  • Fighting Fire in Carver County
  • Seminary Fen
  • Hope in Hard Times: Life in the Great Depression
  • The Noble Experiment: Breweries vs. Prohibition
  • Fear and Fallout: The Red Scare
  • Disaster Series: Blizzards
  • Disaster Series: Grasshopper Plagues
  • The Evolution of Farming: From 160 Acres to Thousands
  • Genealogy Resources at the CCHS